Xu Yunhua
Head of Teaching Staff
“My favorite Chinese idiom is 因材施教.”

Sunny is from Henan Province and has been teaching Chinese at CLI since 2010. She holds a BA in linguistics from CLI’s affiliate university, Guangxi Normal University. In addition to being Head of Teaching Staff at CLI, Sunny is the head teacher for CLI’s annual China Fieldwork Semester, held in Dali, Yunnan each spring semester and led by Dr. John Flower (PhD, University of Virginia), director of the Sidwell Friends School Chinese Studies Program. Sunny also travels extensively throughout China and the United States promoting various CLI language initiatives.

学生在学中文的过程中,最应该记住的东西是什么?What do you think is the most important thing for a student to remember when studying Chinese?


Students must know when and how to use Chinese words and phrases, because the ultimate purpose of learning a language is to use it. Students often know the meaning of a word, but don’t know exactly how and when to use it, so they often use words incorrectly. Therefore I think context is the most important thing for students to remember when studying Chinese.