My name is Blair and I’m a student here at CLI. Wǒ jiào 我叫 Blair. (My name is Blair.)

I’m from Canada and I have been living in China for one year, teaching in an international high school. I have enjoyed my time in China, but also I know that my experience has been limited because I found it difficult to pick up the language. So because I think my stay in China will be longer, I felt it would be beneficial for me to spend my summer vacation in Guilin and to study Chinese for four or five weeks to really give me the boost and the encouragement that I feel that I needed to kind of begin my path.

And I have really enjoyed my time here at CLI and feel that it’s not only been a great experience, but really has given me a foundation so that I can continue my studies when I return to Guangzhou.

So I just want to thank everyone at CLI for the wonderful experience for the many friendships and the continual encouragement I’ve received here.

– Blair Marshall