Invitation Letter Form

In order for CLI to issue you an official letter of invitation, please complete the following form. We will send you your invitation letter within three business days of form completion. Please then submit your CLI-issued invitation letter to the Chinese Consulate along with your other Chinese visa application materials.

Please provide the following information:
(Input exactly as name appears in your passport.)
(Enter “N/A” if you don’t have a middle name.)
(Input exactly as name appears in your passport.)
(Please enter as follows: YYYY/MM/DD)
(Enter the email address that you used in your CLI Application of CLI Student Info Form.)
Upload a scanned copy of your passport’s information page (the page with your photo on it) so that CLI can prepare your official Invitation Letter.
(The file you upload here will be submitted when you press the “Submit” button at the bottom of this form.)
Select the approximate dates that you will reside in China.
(Note that CLI can only provide you with an invitation letter that starts one week prior to and ends one week after your enrollment dates.)