Discover Guilin

Guilin was chosen as CLI’s home for a variety of reasons – it’s warm; it’s a safe distance from the poor air quality of China’s biggest cities; it’s simple to navigate; local residents are exceptionally friendly and engaging; the cuisine is excellent; and the city has been famous for its stunning natural beauty throughout Chinese history.

The Ideal Learning Environment

Life in Guilin

Guilin’s vibrant economy and nightlife are important in creating a unique study abroad experience. The city features dance clubs, bars, gyms, yoga studios, department stores, universities, a broad variety of restaurants, excellent public transportation networks, as well as flights and bullet trains for easy travel to other parts of China.

Guilin is a city that maintains China’s rich traditional culture yet boasts all the comforts brought on by the PRC’s rapid modernization.

Guilin vs. China’s Largest Cities

“Most Beautiful Under Heaven”

The proverb 桂林山水甲天下 (Guìlín shānshuǐ jiǎtiānxià) proclaims that “Guilin’s scenery is the most beautiful under heaven,” and rightly so. Surrounded by picturesque limestone mountains, the bustling city is comfortably located along China’s famous Li River in the gorgeous province of Guangxi. Guilin’s natural landscape has proven so charming throughout history that it is even celebrated on the back of China’s twenty-yuan bill.

Your Gateway to China

Location of Guilin within China

Guilin is located in Guangxi Province and is a one-hour flight northwest of Hong Kong, a two hour flight southwest of Shanghai, and a three-hour flight south of Beijing.

Testimonials about Guilin

Davide di Gianfilippo | Fall 2016 to Summer 2017

Italy Chinese Level (upon departure): Intermediate II “CLI’s greatest strength is one-on-one classes, and, perhaps more important, the great staff who works there. I always felt at home, and this is priceless. Also I really enjoyed every activity and every trip (the rice terraces are the best place I have ever seen, and I’ll always be grateful for that little voyage).”

Timothy Prag | Spring 2017

USA Chinese Level (upon departure): Intermediate I “I had unprecedented opportunities to connect with native speakers who also knew enough English to help me improve my Chinese and express myself fully. The class structure is really amazing for learning and it is awesome to see how much I can grow even within just one week.”

Curtis Chun | Spring 2017

USA Chinese Level (upon departure): Intermediate II “I improve each time I come despite coming for only a brief time each time. Even though my Chinese is peppered with English, my teachers and the CLI Team correct me so I at least know when I’ve made an error. This is SO important. Being corrected all the time is embarrassing but how else do you learn? The teachers and team (all of them) also really like to make you speak and to speak with you so this is all very good – even if at times you don’t feel like speaking!”

Stewart Jensen | Summer 2016

Canada Chinese Level (upon entry): Intermediate I “One-on-one teaching, wow is this method ever effective.Get to know your teachers and are engaged for the full four hours of classes. You also get to have discussions with your teachers on a wide range of topics which is an awesome way to learn about Chinese life and culture.”

Diana Padua | Spring 2010

University: Hawaii Pacific University Chinese Level (upon entry): Beginner I “CLI’s staff is focused on improvingthe student’s grasp of the Chinese language and Guilin’s charming environment is a prime place to not only learn how to speak Mandarin, but also to gain knowledge about the passion and culture of the Chinese people. My experiences with CLI are ones I will never forget.”

Allie Riggs | Summer 2011

University: Virginia Tech Chinese Level (upon entry): Beginner I “The way that CLI operates has gotto be the best method to learn Chinese. One month in Guilin was more productive than an entire year of coursework in a normal college class.”

Craig W. | Summer 2011

University: Virginia Tech Chinese Level (upon entry): Beginner I “I like that CLI is located in Guilinrather than a larger city because it forces you to use Chinese in daily experiences. I also like the diversity of CLI’s teachers. They each brought their own unique perspectives of China.”

Alex Gavis | Summer 2011

University: Virginia Tech Chinese Level (upon entry): Beginner I “CLI’s location in Guilin creates aunique experience for Chinese learners. We’re able to experience both rural and city life. Guilin is a city where you can easily go out and practice your Chinese. Also, my one-on-one teachers were able to tailor lessons to my specific needs which ultimately helped me reach my language goals.”

Wilson G. | Summer 2014

University: Virginia Tech Chinese Level (upon entry): Intermediate I “After studying at CLI twice now,I’ve found that the greatest advantage of learning Chinese here is not only the one-on-one class environment, but also that being located in a smaller city, like Guilin, provides students with a perfect atmosphere for truly learning the language.”

Matt Dietrick | 2010-2011

University: Syracuse University Chinese Level (upon entry): Intermediate II “The constant immersion isdefinitely the most important aspect of CLI’s intensive Chinese program. In Guilin, most of what I say during the course of the day is in Chinese. This is much harder to do in bigger cities.”

Kevin Keller | Spring 2010

University: Arizona State University Chinese Level (upon entry): Advanced I “CLI is the second study abroadprogram in which I have participated, and I could not be more pleased with my experience in Guilin. My one-on-one teachers traveled with me around town and were constantly there to help me with my Chinese studies.”

Mai Lan | Summer 2011

University: Virginia Tech Chinese Level (upon entry): Beginner I “CLI was unique in that it combinedan immersion learning environment with unforgettable recreational activities. Being in Guilin promoted an immersion atmosphere that forced me to develop my own Chinese skills.”

Kandice P. | Summer 2011

University: Howard University Chinese Level (upon entry): Beginner I “I think the living arrangements atCLI are the most important aspect of the program. In addition to sharing a home with many Chinese natives, living in Guilin gives students the opportunity to meet others and totally immerse themselves into the Chinese culture. CLI is definitely a special place.”

Ernesto A. | Spring 2010

University: University of Chile Medical School Chinese Level (upon entry): Beginner I “CLI’s teachers and programdirectors were extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly during my entire stay in Guilin. I’m glad to have found the Chinese Language Institute and discovered the friendly people of Guilin.”

Sanne A. | Winter 2013

University: University of Leiden Chinese Level (upon entry): Intermediate II “CLI has the perfect combination ofgood quality education, cool teachers, interesting activities, and great lunches! My stay in Guilin was very useful for improving my Chinese because opportunities to speak Chinese are everywhere. I had an unforgettable experience and would recommend it to anyone.”

Floating Down the Li River