Learn Chinese Online

Learn Chinese with your own qualified Chinese teacher while anywhere in the world. CLI’s online Chinese lessons bring the classroom directly to you, allowing you the flexibility to achieve full Chinese proficiency while seamlessly continuing your school and work commitments.


Your Virtual Classroom

With CLI Online, you can learn Chinese from anywhere in the world – all you need is a reliable Internet connection and a video instant messenger ID (such as Skype, Google Hangout, or any other software of your choice).

Your teacher will call you directly and hold class over live chat, creating a virtual one-on-one classroom.

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Scheduling Flexibility

CLI’s online Chinese lessons are scheduled to fit your personal scheduling availability, and classes are offered seven days per week. Our staff will work directly with you to assess your scheduling preferences and set up your weekly class hours.

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Tuition Rates

CLI Online students purchase a set number of class hours upfront, and time is deducted from this total with each passing lesson.

Reduced tuition rates are awarded to students who purchase 30 or more class hours at a time. Please reference our Dates & Fees section for more information.

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One-on-One Tutoring

At an amazing value, you can enjoy one-on-one live instruction with a highly qualified, carefully selected CLI Mandarin teacher.

CLI online Chinese lessons are held to the same high standards as classes taught at the CLI Center in Guilin. Individualized coursework ensure that your language level, learning pace and style, and personal requests are all carefully assessed to tailor-make a Chinese class that is perfectly suited to your needs.

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Simple Online Sign-up Process

To enroll in CLI’s one-on-one online Chinese lessons, please complete our enrollment form. You will then receive an email from CLI admissions to schedule your first lesson.

Not ready to commit yet? On that same form you can instead enroll in a free 30-minute trial lesson or Chinese language proficiency evaluation, or you can request to chat with a team member to learn more about our online one-on-one program.

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Study Options

Comprehensive Chinese

CLI’s online Comprehensive Chinese course incorporates regular instruction in both written and spoken Chinese. Class instruction covers a wide range of topics, focusing broadly on the core concepts of reading, writing, speaking, and listening required for well-rounded proficiency in Mandarin Chinese.

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Business Chinese

CLI’s online Business Chinese course is constructed primarily for individuals conducting business in China, as well as those pursuing a future career in international business.

Business Chinese focuses heavily on specialized grammar and vocabulary, as well as proper business etiquette. The overall level of course material is highly individualized based on each student’s prior exposure to the Mandarin language and Chinese business environment.

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Chinese for Kids

Due to the increasing demand for Chinese language instruction at an early age, CLI is proud to offer online Mandarin classes for children aged 4 to 11.

Through exciting games, imaginative stories, rhymes and songs, and pictorial aides, children will benefit from a high level of exposure to Chinese culture and enjoy the educational benefits of language immersion.

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Spoken Chinese

Our online Spoken Chinese course is designed for learners who have limited opportunity to regularly practice their Chinese with native speakers, as well as those whose spoken ability lags behind their reading and writing skills.

Focusing primarily on improving students’ speaking and listening proficiency, Spoken Chinese highlights conversational ability as a central academic component.

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Chinese Culture & History

Our online Chinese Culture & History course has been designed to provide those interested in China with a greater opportunity to learn about the country’s past and present.

Focusing on historical background, customs and traditions, and the modern Chinese worldview, this course was created as an opportunity for students to learn more about China’s rich heritage.

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Dates & Fees

Online One-on-one Rates

Students are required to purchase all online class hours up front. Time will then be deducted from your total hours with each passing lesson. CLI provides discounts for bulk purchases:

  • 5 to 19 hours: 20 USD/hr
  • 20 to 59 hours: 18 USD/hr
  • 60 to 99 hours: 17 USD/hr
  • 100+ hours: 16 USD/hr
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Structuring Your Class Hours

How many class hours should you ideally dedicate to language learning each week? Each student has unique needs, a unique background, and unique strengths and weaknesses. As a result, each student dedicates a unique amount of time each day and each week to learning Chinese.

CLI’s intensive Chinese Immersion Program in Guilin provides students four hours of Chinese class each day, for a total of twenty hours per week. CLI’s online students generally have professional and academic commitments alongside language learning and prefer to study part-time, usually dedicating between four and eight hours per week to CLI’s online Chinese language classes.

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Mastering Chinese

Learning Chinese requires consistency and dedication. Repetition and regular review of vocabulary and core concepts is the key to retention and constant progress and improvement in your language learning.

CLI’s online one-on-one learning system allows you the flexibility to structure your class hours in any way that best suits your needs and availability. You are the master of your own schedule. This also means that you are the master of your own progress. The more consistent you are with your learning, the faster your Chinese will improve.

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Free Trial

Sign up for Your Free Lesson

CLI is happy to offer a free trial lesson to all prospective online students.

Simply select “Sign up for a free 30-minute Trial Lesson” when completing your Enrollment Form and you will be assisted in scheduling your free Chinese lesson with one of our highly qualified Mandarin teachers based on your personal availability. No strings attached!

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Comprehensive Orientation

Your online class schedule is tailored to fit your weekly availability, and we work directly with you to design your personalized study plan. We can accommodate any preferred schedule you may have, including weekend or evening hours.

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Extend Your Study Term

If you would like to continue taking online Chinese lessons after completing your free trial, you can purchase class hours using the same Enrollment Form you used to sign up for your first lesson. We will then contact you within 24 hours to complete the enrollment and scheduling process.

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Customizing Your Study Plan

In addition to our general Comprehensive Chinese course, we offer specialized and age-based online study options, including Spoken Chinese, Business Chinese, Chinese Culture & History, Chinese for Teens, and Chinese for Kids. See our Study Options section for a description of each of our online course offerings.

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Study in China

A Stepping Stone

While CLI’s online Chinese lessons provide all the advantages of a real classroom at CLI, there is no substitute for the benefits gained by studying in China. Located in the southern Chinese city of Guilin, CLI’s educational facilities offer a wide range of academic programming.

CLI’s online lessons are the perfect stepping stone to a full Chinese language immersion experience in Guilin that will give you the opportunity to employ the material you’ve learned by interacting with native Chinese speakers everyday.

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Why Guilin?

When compared to more well-known Chinese cities, Guilin offers a superior location to study Chinese language and culture.

With a comfortable combination of upbeat city life, small town community feel, stunning natural scenery, an excellent Chinese language learning environment, and friendly people at every turn, Guilin is the perfect location to experience complete Chinese immersion.

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