Meet the Team: Susan

Name: Susan 潘姿

Hometown: Yizhou, Guangxi, China 广西宜州

Job title: Study Abroad Manager 留学项目经理

We are happy to introduce Susan Pan, CLI's Study Abroad Manager!

Q: Tell a story from your childhood.

A: There was a rule in my first-grade class that said the first student to arrive at school every morning could be the class monitor for that day. When I was a child, I got up very early every day, so I was always the class monitor in primary school.


Q: If you could take a student out to any restaurant in Guilin, which one would it be and what would you recommend he or she eat?  Why?

A: I would take the student to a restaurant that sells Guilin rice noodles (桂林米粉). You can go to a small restaurant and eat rice noodles with local people. In my opinion, Guilin rice noodles is one of the most important dishes in Guilin that no one can miss.


Q: If you could take a trip anywhere in China, where would you go and why?

A: For me, I want to go to Shanghai now. Shanghai is an economic and financial center, which attracts many multinational corporations. I want to go there to experience a different type of life.


Q: How did you end up at CLI?

A: I was an intern at CLI for three months, then I became an assistant. Now I am the Student Affairs Manager. CLI is a wonderful place for me to learn about different cultures and different people. I meet different people every week. Everyone is a book. They have different stories. And I can learn from them and become a better person.


Q: What do you think is the most important thing for a student to remember when studying Chinese?

A: Always immerse yourself in a Chinese world. I think this is the best way to learn Chinese. Exploring China on your own or with Chinese friends will help you to learn Chinese and experience Chinese culture.

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Free 30-minute Trial Lesson

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