10 Useful Videos from Learn Chinese Now

Learn Chinese Now has been posting excellent Mandarin language learning videos to YouTube for over three years. We've compiled our 10 favorite videos spanning from beginner- to expert-level.

#1 How to Count to 10 in Mandarin

Counting is an essential milestone in learning any language, including Mandarin. This video takes us through the first ten digits. 一二三开始!

#2 How to Count from 11 to 100 in Mandarin

If you can count to 10 in Mandarin, then you have all of the vocabulary you need to count to 99.

#3 Basic Mandarin Grammar Guide

Time, subject, verb, object, asking questions and answering them, — arranging your vocabulary is critical to speaking coherently. This video guides you through the basics of Chinese grammar.

#4 Days, Months and Dates in Chinese

Could you keep a schedule without days, months, and years? This video teaches us the days of the week, months of the year, and how to grammatically arrange them.

#5 Big Numbers

1,000... 10,000... 100,000... In this video we learn how to say numbers all the way to a billion in Mandarin.

#6 Photography in Chinese

This video shoots through the practical vocabulary related to taking photos and sheds light on some of the cultural aspects of taking photos in China.

#7 Chinese Tea Etiquette

How do you say "thank you" in Chinese without saying anything at all? Watch this video and learn how.

#8 "Speak of the Devil" in Chinese

It happens all of the time, you mention someone's name and they appear. So how does the Mandarin language address this social phenomenon?

#9 Responding to Compliments in Chinese

Responding to a compliment in Mandarin is not as simple as just saying "thanks". In this video we learn both what to say and what not to say.

#10 Clichés within Kung Fu Movies

In this Mandarin-only video Ben Hedges explains several clichés he's seen repeatedly in Kung Fu classics.

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