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In the age of global communication, learning Chinese online is easier and more convenient than ever before. An estimated 40 million people across the globe are learning Mandarin outside of China. And although in Western countries the most popular foreign languages continue to be Spanish, French, and German, European and American interest in studying Chinese is on the rise.

CLI online one-on-one Chinese lessons connect students from around the world with Chinese teachers in Guilin, China.

For those wishing to achieve proficiency in the world's most widely spoken native language, online Mandarin classes provide a valuable alternative to studying in China. Honing your Mandarin skills in the PRC certainly offers the priceless opportunity of experiencing full immersion into the Chinese language and culture.

However, many students of the Chinese language lack sufficient time or money for such a venture. Learning Chinese online brings the classroom directly to you, so you don't need to put your immediate obligations on hold to take part.

Alternatively, studying Chinese online provides a perfect academic arrangement for students who have already studied in China and are seeking to continue their Mandarin lessons after returning home. It is additionally a valuable introduction for those who are preparing to travel to China and would like to practice their Mandarin prior to doing so.

Curriculum is individualized on a student-by-student basis.

Hiring an online Chinese teacher has many benefits. Aside from the convenience offered by studying Chinese online, holding class through the Internet is generally more affordable than hiring a private in-person tutor. Differences in the cost of labor between China and the West offer the privilege of one-on-one Chinese lessons, but without the unwanted financial strain.

Private online instruction ensures that your language level, learning pace and style, and relevant needs are fully taken into account. Because classes are performed one-on-one, student input is valued highly and teachers monitor individual progress carefully. You can be sure that you have the full, undivided attention of your instructor at all times, and there are no external distractions.

Best of all, you have complete flexibility in scheduling your Chinese lessons, and your weekly instruction will be based upon your personal scheduling availability.

CLI now provides one-on-one online Chinese lessons in a variety of subject areas, including Spoken Chinese, Business Chinese, and Chinese for Kids. You can choose to learn Chinese on Skype, on Zoom, over WeChat, or on another platform of your choice. Please visit our Learn Chinese Online page to view a complete listing of our study options!

Before you start your online classes, make sure you show up to class on time by checking out our article on Chinese time zones (note: there currently aren't any!).

Free 30-minute Trial Lesson

Free 30-minute Trial Lesson

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