Lingopie to Learn Chinese Review: All You Need to Know (2024)

We are always finding new and creative ways to learn a foreign language. Lingopie has emerged as a frontrunner for that purpose, offering important innovations on the way individuals master new languages.

As a leading language learning platform, Lingopie integrates into the world of entertainment, offering an immersive experience for language enthusiasts.

With a large library spanning eight languages including Chinese, Lingopie provides a unique blend of educational content through real TV shows and movies, accompanied by English subtitles.

The platform caters to learners of all levels, from beginners seeking a basic understanding to advanced learners honing their language skills.

Boasting features like adjustable playback speed, auto-pause, and an extensive vocabulary-saving mechanism, Lingopie is not just an app; it's a comprehensive language-learning tool.

Enjoy our Lingopie review as we delve into the platform's offerings, exploring its features, and demonstrate how it can help propel language learners toward fluency.

Best Features

Lingopie stands out with its features tailored to enhance language learning. The platform's playback speed adjustment and auto-pause functions empower learners to control the pace of instructional videos, ensuring a personalized and effective learning experience.

Users can save unfamiliar words, building their vocabulary as they immerse themselves in real TV shows and movies from various languages.

With English subtitles and closed captions, Lingopie caters to learners at different proficiency levels, making it beginner friendly yet challenging for advanced learners.

The diverse language choices, family plans, and the innovative origin tag feature further distinguish Lingopie, offering one of the great aid along the way to Chinese mastery.

How to Use Lingopie to Learn Chinese

Lingopie offers subscription options that suit various language learning goals, whether it's monthly, quarterly, yearly, or lifetime access.

To start using Lingopie to learn Chinese, first create an account on the web or via the mobile app, available on Android and Apple devices, and select Chinese as your target language. Once you're logged in, you'll gain access to a rich library of real Chinese-language TV shows and movies, accompanied by English subtitles.

As you watch, Lingopie displays subtitles in both Chinese and your native language. This dual-subtitle system allows you to make a real-time connection between the spoken dialogue and its translation. If you come across unfamiliar words, you can click on any word in the subtitles to get instant translation and pronunciation. This feature is particularly useful for building your Chinese vocabulary.

Customize your learning with features like adjustable playback speed and auto-pause, then save unfamiliar words and enhance your vocabulary.

Lingopie saves these clicked words for later review in a flashcard format, enabling additional vocabulary practice and reinforcement. The platform also tracks your viewing progress and adapts its content recommendations based on your proficiency level.

Need flexibility? Change or cancel your plan at the end of each billing cycle. With Lingopie, learning a new language has never been more engaging, accessible, and enjoyable.

What is Lingopie For?

You may be wondering, what is Lingopie for? Lingopie caters to a spectrum of language enthusiasts, targeting learners of all ages and offering a specialized platform within the competitive landscape of language learning apps.

Tailored for beginners to advanced users, Lingopie empowers learners with engaging content from real TV shows and movies in their target language.

Its compatibility with other language-learning apps amplifies its efficacy, allowing users to integrate Lingopie into their comprehensive language-learning journey.

Whether used independently or in conjunction with other apps, Lingopie enriches the language learning experience for diverse age groups, fostering proficiency in a fun and interactive manner.

Slowed Content for Chinese

Lingopie offers adjustable playback speed as one of its features. This means you can slow down or speed up the content according to your preference.

This feature enhances the learning experience, allowing users to adapt the pace of the content to better suit their language learning needs.

Slowed content is invaluable for language learners, aiding comprehension by allowing focused listening to fast-paced speech and unfamiliar accents. It refines pronunciation, enabling learners to catch nuances and subtle pinyin sounds.

Additionally, it facilitates better recognition of new vocabulary in context and enhances understanding of stress, intonation, and rhythm. This customizable learning tool accommodates individual preferences, providing an effective and personalized language acquisition experience.

Lingopie on a Vacation

Whether lounging on a beach or waiting at the airport, Lingopie turns downtime into language-learning time.

Packed with a diverse library of real TV shows and movies, Lingopie is your passport to entertainment and education anywhere you go.

Combat boredom by immersing yourself in foreign language content, perfect for honing language skills or exploring a new language altogether.

Its mobile app ensures that learning is at your fingertips, making those travel moments not just enjoyable but productive.

So, forget about boredom – let Lingopie be your travel companion, turning every break into an opportunity for language exploration and cultural enrichment.

Vast Library

Lingopie boasts a vast library which is pretty amazing. Dive into popular Netflix shows like "Accidentally in Love" and "Meteor Garden," or classic movies such as "The Yin Yang Master" and "Copycat Killer."

The extensive content caters to diverse tastes and interests, turning language acquisition into an engaging experience.

What makes Lingopie truly stand out is its commitment to freshness; new content is regularly added, ensuring a continuous stream of exciting material for learners.

By combining renowned titles with a dedication to staying current, Lingopie offers a dynamic and evolving platform that not only educates but also entertains, making the language learning journey both effective and enjoyable.

Prices and Plans

The hottest question is always - What does Lingopie cost? This is not one of the priciest platforms at all. No matter what your budget is you will be able to afford some of the plans.
For just $12 a month, enjoy a full blast of Lingopie content.

Grab the Yearly Plan at $71.88 and save big while immersing yourself in a new language.

In addition, the Friends and Family Plan at $99 covers 4 accounts for the price of one, perfect for group study sessions.

Of course, if you prefer flexibility you can try the Quarterly Plan at $36 with a handy 7-day free trial.

Or you can go all-in with a Lifetime Subscription at $199, giving you unlimited access to linguistic adventures forever. Lingopie makes language learning easy, fun, and affordable.

Mobile app for smartphones

Our phones are always with us, even when we are sleeping. Computers and TV are not. That's why everyone makes all apps for smartphones.

Whether you're commuting or chilling at home, the app ensures uninterrupted language learning on the move.

Dive into real TV shows and movies in your target language anytime, anywhere. The app's intuitive design and playback controls provide a personalized learning experience, making it a worthwhile addition language apps.

While the web version offers comprehensive access, the mobile app adds practicality, allowing users to infuse language learning seamlessly into their daily routines.
Embrace the future of learning languages with Lingopie's mobile app—your anytime, anywhere language companion.

Lingopie for Kids

Lingopie isn't just for adults. It's a language-learning adventure for kids too. Since they will be watching way too much TV anyway, why not turn it into something good for them?

With a dedicated program designed for children aged 5-16, Lingopie introduces the joy of language through entertaining TV shows and movies.

This kid-friendly platform offers a fun and immersive way for young learners to grasp a new language effortlessly. By blending education with entertainment, Lingopie creates an engaging environment that sparks curiosity and promotes language development.

Parents can now use the power of real TV content to make language learning an exciting journey for their kids.

Install the app and unlock a world of possibilities as Lingopie turns language education into a playful and enriching experience for the whole family.

So, grab your popcorn, fire up Lingopie, and let Duolingo be your trusty sidekick on this epic language-learning adventure.


Now that you know all about this cool platform we can check out together some commonly asked questions.

Is Lingopie good for language learning?
Yes, we believe Lingopie is a useful app for language learning. Its immersive approach using real TV shows and movies, paired with English subtitles, enhances listening and comprehension skills. The platform's adjustable playback speed and vocabulary-saving features make it an effective and enjoyable tool for learners of all levels.

What is the difference between Duolingo and Lingopie?
Duolingo and Lingopie differ in their approaches. Duolingo employs gamified lessons and exercises, while Lingopie immerses learners in real TV shows and movies with subtitles. Duolingo is great for structured lessons, while Lingopie excels in contextual learning through entertainment, offering a different language experience.

Is Lingopie for all ages?
Lingopie caters to learners of all ages, offering a diverse range of real TV shows and movies in various languages. Whether you're a child discovering the joy of language or an adult seeking an immersive language-learning experience, Lingopie's engaging content and user-friendly features make it accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

What types of Chinese entertainment can I enjoy by learning Mandarin?
Learning Mandarin can open up a range of Chinese culture, including films, television programmes and C-pop music. To get a feel for the culture, indulge in these thrilling forms of media! With Mandarin knowledge at your fingertips, you’ll have access to an entire world full of entertainment opportunities from China.

What's the advantage of learning Chinese with TV shows and movies?
Learning Chinese with TV shows and movies offers the advantage of real-life language exposure. It helps you grasp natural conversational patterns, idiomatic expressions, and cultural context. This immersive approach makes language learning engaging and practical.

How can I find suitable Chinese TV shows and movies for my language learning journey?
Several streaming platforms and language learning tools curate Chinese content for learners. Websites like Lingopie, Netflix, and language learning apps often have a selection of shows and movies with subtitles, making it easy to get started.

Summing up: Lingopie Review

What sets Lingopie apart is its real TV shows and movies approach—it's like learning while enjoying your favorite series.

The large language library of real Chinese TV shows and movies keeps things interesting. Lingopie's subtitles and adjustable playback speed aid the learning process. Saving new words is a key option that can be useful to new learners.

It taps into our love for entertainment and turns it into a dynamic, effective language-learning tool. Dive in, binge-watch, and level up your language skills.

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Free 30-minute Trial Lesson

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