Would you be surprised if we said China is a great and convenient place to be vegetarian/vegan? Our vegetarian/vegan team members at CLI all agree that it is. Most restaurants in China have numerous fresh veggies to choose from, as well as grains, tubers, and a variety of beans and tofu. You can also find fruit vendors on many street corners and markets that sell bulk nuts and vegan cooking materials.

One important thing for vegetarians to keep in mind while in China is that you need to be insistent. The Chinese concept of vegetarianism may be different than yours. Many countryside restaurants use pork oil, but most will have veggie oil upon request. Chicken powder or ground meat is often added to veggie and tofu dishes for “flavor” unless you say otherwise. Let the wait staff know in numerous ways that you are vegetarian, then remind them again.

Guilin has four vegetarian restaurants:

  1. Nengren Temple
  2. Tian Fu Lou – Wenhuagong Road
  3. Tian Fu Lou – Dongzhen Road
  4. Tian Fu Yuan

CLI has put together the below list of useful terms and phrases to help our vegetarian/vegan students express their dietary preferences.

Happy eating!