In this installment of CLI’s favorite Mandarin learning videos we are sharing our top 10 favorites from Yoyo Chinese. Yoyo Chinese has an impressive nine years of video lessons covering all levels of Mandarin. If you’re not yet familiar with Yoyo Chinese we think you’ll agree that the host, Yangyang Cheng, is a joy to watch and her teaching style is easy to follow.

1. Chinese medicine vs. Western medicine – Intermediate Chinese

This video gets at the heart of the cultural debate between Chinese vs Western medicine by asking random Chinese citizens “if you got sick would you go to see a Chinese medicine or a Western medicine doctor?” Watch and learn practical vocabulary while gaining further insight into Chinese culture.


2. How Should I Address You? – Intermediate Chinese

In this intermediate-level video Yangyang teaches us a variety ways of addressing people. For example, “您怎么称呼” (nín zěnme chēnghu) means “how do I address you?”


3. Yoyo Chinese Tips (rang4) – Beginner Chinese

In this quick one minute video Yangyang introduces the verb 让 (ràng) and gives us several examples of how to use it.


4. How to ask someone to do something – Beginner Chinese

This lesson expands on the usage of 让 by demonstrating when to use 让 (ràng) vs 问 (wèn).


5. You look beautiful – Beginner Chinese

This next video introduces us to 起来 (qǐ lái) and its proper grammatical structure.


6. It sounds beautiful – Beginner Chinese

Next Yangyang expands on 起来 and its usage.


7. Learn Mandarin Chinese through songs (I have good news) – Intermediate Chinese

This next video changes up the pace. Yangyang teaches us a song called 我有一个好消息 (wǒ yǒu yí ge hǎo xiāoxi) which translates to I have good news. 听起来很好听!;)


8. Yangyang’s interview with Cameron Diaz, Seth Rogen and Jay Chou (周杰伦) – Expert Chinese

This is an excellent expert-level video. Watch Yangyang interview Asian pop star, Jay Chou, and American actors, Cameron Diaz and Seth Rogen, about their time together making Green Hornet.


9. Chinese Learning Strategies – Expert Chinese

Here’s another change of pace. In this video we meet Yoyo Chinese course designer/writer Albert Wolfe. Albert is one of the creative voices behind Yoyo Chinese’s grammar and intermediate video lessons as well as the author of the popular Chinese learning blog


10. How to sing “happy new year” in Chinese? (中文儿歌新年好) – Intermediate Chinese

In the spirit of the holiday season this last video teaches us how to sing Happy New Year in Mandarin.



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