The 2020 Chinese Holidays Calendar

The following charts provide the official schedules for Chinese holidays in 2020. Holidays are categorized as Chinese Public Holidays and Other Chinese Holidays and Observances.

Chinese Public Holidays in 2020

January 1stNew Year's Day元旦
January 24th - 30thChinese New Year春节
April 4th - 6thQingming Festival清明节
May 1st - 5thLabor Day劳动节
June 25th - 27thDragon Boat Festival端午节
October 1stMid-Autumn Festival中秋节
October 1stNational Day国庆节
October 1st - 7th"Golden Week"黄金周

Note: Since Mid-Autumn Festival and Chinese National Day are on the same day in 2020, they combine to make the "Golden Week".

Other Chinese Holidays and Observances in 2020

February 8thLantern Festival元宵节
March 8thInternational Women's Day妇女节
March 20thSpring Equinox春分
May 4thYouth Day青年节
June 1stChildren's Day儿童节
June 21stSummer Solstice夏至
July 1stCPC Founding Day建党节
August 1stArmy Day建军节
August 25thChinese Valentine's Day七夕
September 10thTeachers' Day教师节
September 22ndAutumn Equinox秋分
Noveber 11thSingle's Day双十一
December 21stWinter Solstice冬至

Remember that many holidays—such as the Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival—are based on the Chinese Lunar Calendar and therefore the dates change every year.

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One-on-One Chinese Lessons

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