Farewell Dinner at Shuimofang

This past Thursday, CLI hosted a festive farewell dinner in honor of five of our departing students — Matthew Dietrick, Lea Parizot, Mary Rossi, and Dennis and Melib Marker.  While Mary, Dennis and Melib were with us for a short but fulfilling month, Lea has been enrolled in CLI’s College Study Abroad program since mid-February, and Matthew since September of last year.  All of our students will be greatly missed, though we are thankful to have built so many fond memories together.

The event was held at Shuimofang ( “The Waterwheel”), a local Guilin restaurant that specializes in local fusion cuisine.  Providing a unique twist on traditional Chinese dishes, Shuimofang is consistently a favorite of CLI students and staff.  Sweet-and-sour duck, braised eggplant, and homemade tofu are among the most popular of the restaurant’s selections.


Saying farewell to friends is never an easy task.  一路平安!