In our next installment of top Mandarin learning YouTube videos we will focus on ChinesePod TV’s 请问 Qǐng Wèn series.

1. Everything/Nothing, Everywhere/Nowhere & Everybody/Nobody in Mandarin

Gwilym and Fiona teach us how to use the Mandarin word 都 dōu to communicate “everywhere/nowhere,” “everything/nothing,” and “everybody/nobody.”


2. How to Add Emphasis to Your Chinese

In this Qǐng Wèn lesson Fiona and Fang Lǎoshī teach us how to place emphasis on the right words.


3. Six Must Know Measure Words in Chinese

Gwilym and Fiona are back at it in this very practical Qǐng Wèn lesson. Watch this video and you’ll learn how and when to use the measure 个/個 ge, 张/張 zhāng, 双/雙 shuāng, 件 jiàn, 辆/輛 liàng, and 只/隻 zhǐ.

4. Time Word Tips in Chinese: 上 and 下

In this Qǐng Wèn Fiona and Gwilym tackle the very common challenge beginner Mandarin learners often face when talking about time. Watch this video and come away with several very practical and memorable strategies that will help you progress in your journey to learn Mandarin.

5. Different ways of saying “otherwise” and what they each imply

In this intermediate Qǐng Wèn Fiona and Fang Lǎoshī teach us the difference between 否則 fǒuzé,不然 bùrán,and 要不 yàobù.



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