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The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Guilin (2021)

Guide to Guilin’s Elephant Trunk Hill

The Li River: One of Earth’s Most Beautiful Wonders

王城, Guilin's "Princes' City"

Learn About Guilin Rice Noodles

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HSK 1 | My Dad Loves Drinking Tea
My dad is a doctor and this year, he’s 60 years old. He doesn’t like drinking water, but he loves drinking tea. He drinks tea when the weather is hot and he drinks tea when the weather is cold.
HSK 1 | My Family's Dog
My family has a three-year-old dog named Rice. In the afternoon on Monday, August 6, 2018, my mom and I caught sight of Rice in front of a shop. The weather was quite hot that day and he looked like…
HSK 2 | My Bus Driver, Mr. Liu
Every day when I take the bus to school, I always see Mr. Liu. Mr. Liu is my bus driver. This year, he’s 50 years old and he has a big face, small eyes and a loud voice. Today, he…
HSK 2 | My Chinese Homestay Family
After a long flight, I finally arrived at the airport. As I began searching for my Chinese homestay family, I felt tired and also a little nervous. I didn’t know what to expect.
HSK 3 | Moving from Southern to Northern China
It was a Friday night and Wang Jia Li was feeling uncomfortable and anxious. She had recently moved to Beijing for work and her colleagues had invited her to a party. But she didn’t know anyone!
HSK 3 | My Neighbor Little Xia
The first time I ever saw my neighbor, Little Xia, was on a hot summer day. Although the hallway of our apartment building was full of people, I noticed him because he was so tall and skinny. It was a…

On the Chinese Language 论中文

Welcome to the Future: Finding the Right Online Chinese Teacher in 2024
Luckily for Chinese language learners worldwide, location is no longer an obstacle to gaining useful language practice. No matter where you are, your language skills can 突飞猛进 (tūfēiměngjìn, improve by leaps and bounds)! All you need is the right online…
CLI's Top Recommended Chinese Flashcards for Learning Chinese in 2024
Flashcards are one of the best study tools for language students and there are many different options available. As you spend more time learning Chinese, you may wonder whether it’s a good idea to start using Chinese flashcards. Read on…
How Do You Say “Yes” in Chinese?
Learning to say “yes” is usually one of the first things you learn when studying a new language. Unfortunately, you might be surprised to learn that in Chinese, there’s no direct equivalent to the English “yes.” Fear not! We’re here…
A Brief Guide to Expressing Birthday Wishes in Chinese
Everybody loves birthdays, and China is no exception. So how do you say “happy birthday” in Chinese and how are birthdays celebrated in China, anyway? We invite you to read on to find out! To all the birthday guys and…
The 100 Most Common Chinese Measure Words and Their Uses
As a student of Chinese, measure words (量词 or liàngcí in pinyin) are one of the first aspects of Chinese grammar you’ll encounter. The fact that almost all Chinese nouns must be preceded by a measure word makes these pesky…
The Chinese Internet Slang You Need to Know in 2024
It’s 2024, and the high-tech era is well underway. These days, speakers of almost every language on earth have developed their own systems of Internet shorthand that help them express thoughts and feelings efficiently. The world of Chinese Internet slang,…

HSK Resources 汉语水平考试

The Newly Revised HSK (2024): What You Need to Know
The HSK exam is an important benchmark for Chinese language learners around the world and it’s about to undergo major updates for the first time in over a decade. Read this article to learn everything...
How to Pass HSK 6: Efficient Strategies for Mastering the Exam
The HSK 6 is the highest level in the series of Chinese proficiency tests known as the 汉语水平考试 (Hànyǔ Shuǐpíng Kǎoshì). Notoriously tricky and requiring focused preparation, the exam is a worthwhile challenge for anyone who’d like to prove...
A Brief Introduction to the HSK
If you’ve ever taken a Chinese class, you’ve probably already heard of the HSK. But what is the HSK, exactly? In this article, we’ll take you through the history of this popular Chinese proficiency exam, help you decide whether this…
How to Pass HSK 4: Efficient Strategies for Mastering the Exam
It's Time to Pass HSK 4! Are you planning your strategy to pass HSK 4? Perhaps you need an HSK 4 score to demonstrate your Chinese level to prospective employers, add points to your Chinese work visa application, or gain…

On Chinese Culture 中国文化

Hongbao: The who, how and what of Chinese red envelopes
Hongbao are ubiquitous across China—and even throughout much of Asia! But what are these little red envelopes stuffed with money actually for, and what do they mean? Never fear, CLI is here. In this article, we’ll give you a rundown…
Journey into the World of Chinese Tea
China is synonymous with tea, and tea with China. In fact, the history of tea in China is almost as long as the history of China itself. Despite the recent rise of coffee, Chinese tea culture continues to enjoy great…
China Time Zones: Times Are a-Changin'
China spans more than 3,250 miles (5,250 km) from east to west and shares borders with 14 countries means. You may wonder, then, how China possibly only has one official time zone. Confused? Read on! Learn Chinese in Beautiful Guilin,…
Work in China: A Comprehensive Guide to Working in the Middle Kingdom
Thinking about building a career in China? There are tons of compelling reasons why working in the Middle Kingdom might be one of the wisest decisions you ever make. There are also plenty of important factors to consider before making…
Chinese Literature from Ancient Times to the Present Day
How many Chinese novels have you read? If the answer is still none, you’re in for a treat! Exploring the exciting world of Chinese literature is not only great fun; it’s also an ideal way to expand your knowledge of…
The Who, What and Why of Chinese Martial Arts
Chinese martial arts are arguably some of China’s most popular and successful cultural exports. Despite their widespread and enduring popularity, most people’s understanding of the Chinese martial arts is limited. Join us as we explore the history and culture behind…

The Chinese Zodiac 中国十二生肖

Dancing in the Moonlight with the Year of the Rabbit
This article explores the fourth year in the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle: The Year of the Rabbit. We invite you to leap in and discover this important zodiac sign that embodies elegance, peace, and a dash of luck. Learn Chinese…
Taming the Year of the Tiger
An ancient, cross-cultural symbol of ferocity, bravery, and intelligence, the tiger occupies a unique position in traditional Chinese mythology and culture. Join us as we take a winding journey into this astrological world of legend and luck, and get to…
Decoding the Year of the Dragon: The Complete Guide
The Year of the Dragon... even the name exudes a certain mystique. Dragons, the mythological creatures of Chinese folklore, are one of the 12 types of animal represented in the Chinese zodiac. Join us as we explore the roots of…
Your Guide to the Year of the Monkey
The Chinese zodiac and its 12 associated zodiac animals are an important aspect of Chinese traditional culture. Even if you weren’t born in the Year of the Monkey yourself, chances are that you know at least one person who was.…
Understanding the Chinese Zodiac: Year of the Dog
In Chinese culture, each lunar year is associated with an animal that represents an astrological sign. Known for being loyal and honest, the dog is associated with year 11 in the cyclic 12-year Chinese zodiac calendar. Read on to learn…
The Ox's Journey: Unlocking Mysteries of the Year of the Ox
According to the Chinese zodiac, every year has an animal associated with it. There are 12 different zodiac animals in total, and the Year of the Ox is the second animal in this 12-year rotation. People in China believe that…

On Chinese Characters 汉字

Introduction to Simplified Chinese Characters
Most Chinese characters look complicated to the outside observer, but not all characters are created equal. There are two main Chinese writing systems, traditional and simplified. Traditional characters are based on historical Chinese writing systems with roots tracing back millennia,…
The 100 Most Common Chinese Characters
Have you ever wondered what the most common Chinese characters are? In a language of approximately 50,000 individual characters, mastering the most commonly used Chinese characters—and knowing their order of frequency—will benefit you along your path to language greatness. Whether…
Chinese Etymology and the Origins of Chinese Characters
Chinese etymology is actually easier to grasp than it might first appear. Learning the origins of Chinese characters is arguably one of the best ways to gain further mastery of the language. Join us as we tackle the meaning of…
The Six Types of Chinese Characters
At first glance, Chinese characters can seem like a bunch of random and confusing symbols. But did you know there are actually six distinct types of Chinese characters which are formed and used according to a meticulous set of rules…
The Fundamentals of Chinese Stroke Order
Many people are often fascinated and attracted by Chinese characters. At first glance, characters may look like bizarre pictograms, randomly drawn at will. But did you know that Chinese characters all consist of different stroke orders and follow a specific…
How Many Chinese Characters Do I Actually Need to Know?
​If you are studying Chinese or planning to and wondering how many characters you need to learn, here are some numbers that will give you an idea of what your goals should be. In 2013, the Chinese government published a…

CLI Student Blog 学生博客

CLI Perspectives: Of Mountains and Mifen
In this July 2021 installment of CLI Perspectives, Immersion Program student Isabel Floyd takes us on an educational journey from the skyscrapers of Shanghai to the comfortable living of Guilin, China. Of Mountains and Mifen By Isabel Floyd, CLI Immersion…
Student Spotlight: Daniel Del Bosque
There are lots of good places to eat in Guilin, but the place I have been to the most is the Lanzhou hand-pulled noodle restaurant on the Cultural Walking Street (Lanzhou is in the west of China and its cuisine…
Student Spotlight: Harry Mattison
I have studied Mandarin every summer for 4 weeks for the last 7 years. As a high school student I had a teacher who had studied with Edwin Reischauer at Harvard and introduced us to Confucius, Mencius and Lao Tze.…
CLI Perspectives: From China to America and back again
After being adopted from China at the age of eight and moving to America with my new family, I forgot all of my Chinese. You might wonder how this is possible, but being immersed into a new language environment, with...
Banter & Basketball: My story to conversational Chinese
This week’s CLI Perspectives is brought to you by Avi Patchava, one of CLI’s summer Immersion Program students. Avi completed six weeks of intensive Chinese language immersion at CLI and was surprised by how much he...
Tailor-made Learning: CLI Students suit up
Have you ever wondered where your clothes were made? You've probably noticed the tags on your clothing often say "Made in China". While many Westerners have an image of industrial China churning out massive quantities of clothing in big factories,…

Chinese Holidays 中国传统节日

A Brief Guide to the Chinese New Year (春节 Chūnjié)
Chinese New Year, also called the Spring Festival (春节, Chūnjié), celebrates the beginning of the Chinese year based on the traditional Chinese lunisolar calendar. The Chinese calendar starts each new year with 立春 lìchūn, which officially marks the first day…
What is Chinese Labor Day (劳动节 Láodòngjié) and how is it celebrated?
Have you ever wondered how Labor Day is celebrated in China, or wanted to learn more about the modern pressures of Chinese work culture? In this article, we explore common celebratory practices for this national holiday and explore the state…
What is International Women's Day and how is it celebrated in China?
As the name suggests, International Women's day is an international holiday that is celebrated in many countries around the globe. In China, this holiday has its own special significance and is associated with its own set of traditions. Read on…
What is the Chinese Winter Solstice Festival (冬至) and how is it celebrated?
The winter solstice, returning each year between December 20-22 in the Northern Hemisphere and June 20-22 in the Southern, has been a highly meaningful recurring natural event in human societies for millenia. In this article, we'll explore the origins of…
What is the Chinese summer solstice (夏至) and how is it celebrated?
How much do you know about the Chinese summer solstice holiday? In this article, we explore Chinese summer solstice traditions and common celebratory customs in China today.  Learn Chinese in Beautiful Guilin, China Flexible Scheduling, Affordable Pricing ✈️ ⛩️ Enroll…
China's Mid-Autumn Festival: A Celebration of Family, Friends, and the Coming Harvest
The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the most important holidays in China and is recognized and celebrated by ethnic Chinese and Vietnamese around the world. The festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month of the...

Traveling in China 环游中国

Hangzhou Travel Guide: Key Attractions, History, and Travel Tips
Located in Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou is a world-renowned travel destination, harboring several of China's most impressive history museums and world heritage sites. Home to the tech giant Alibaba, Hangzhou allows visitors to sample the best Chinese cuisine, learn about local…
The Shanghai Bund Travel Guide: What to See, Do and Know
The Bund—Shanghai’s prominent waterfront promenade—is a must-see for travelers to China’s most dynamic metropolis. Visiting the Bund is an unforgettable experience that provides a window into the history and modern ascension of the world’s third largest city. Read on to…
Wuzhen Water Town Travel Guide: An Insider’s Look at Wuzhen, China
Called the Venice of the East due to its historic canals, Wuzhen Water Town (乌镇 Wūzhèn) is an amazing Chinese travel destination known for its unique Chinese architectural masterpieces, scenic rivers, colorful festivals, and mouthwatering local cuisine. There is so…
COVID-19 Updates
Due to the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, many students may find their study plans affected. While CLI is currently open and the situation in China has stabilized, other countries may be experiencing surges. To help students understand their…
Beijing Summer Palace: The Essential Travel Guide
Beijing. When most people think of this city, they immediately think of the Forbidden City or Tiananmen Square. While these places are certainly worth your time, your trip won’t be complete unless you also visit the slightly less well-known Summer…
Suzhou Travel Guide: A Tour of the Canals, Streets, and Eats of Suzhou
"The City of Canals," "the Venice of China," "a World of Gardens...", and all this a mere 25-minute train ride from Shanghai? Welcome to this most atmospherically seductive of Chinese cities: Suzhou! Delve into must-see gardens and pagodas, find out...

Guilin 桂林

The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Guilin (2024)
Nestled along the banks of the Li River, speckled with tens of thousands of individual karst peaks, and bustling with the arts, customs, and songs of southern China’s thriving ethnic minority groups, Guilin is a destination like no other. Read…
The Li River: One of Earth’s Most Beautiful Wonders
The Li River (漓江 Líjiāng), situated in Guangxi Province, is one of the most spectacular destinations in China. Spanning roughly 80 kilometers (50 miles), the Li River runs through the heart of Guangxi, connecting beautiful downtown Guilin with the riverside…
Discovering the Dragon’s Backbone: Your Guide to the Longsheng Rice Terraces
Located about 2.5 hours north of Guilin, the Longsheng Rice Terraces are among China’s most majestic landscapes. This is your ultimate guide for things to do in Longsheng in 2024. Learn Chinese in Beautiful Guilin, China Flexible Scheduling, Affordable Pricing…
Discover the Magic of Guilin Rice Noodles: A Culinary Journey Through Flavor and Tradition
Guilin rice noodles, or 桂林米粉 (Guìlín mǐfěn), is the ultimate dish to try in CLI’s beautiful home city of Guilin. These straightforward yet filling noodles are served in a variety of ways. To enjoy the complete gastronomic experience, you’ll need…
Guilin’s Seven Star Park: Everything You Need to Know
Sprawling across almost 300 acres, Seven Star Park is the perfect spot to discover the natural landscape and distinct culture of Guilin. This urban park is home to an array of hikeable karst mountains, imperial era antiquities, and ethereal limestone…
Guide to Guilin’s Elephant Trunk Hill
CLI’s home city of Guilin boasts some of the most spectacular scenic attractions in China, and Elephant Trunk Hill is ranked high among them. Nestled on the banks of the Li River, this charming hill deserves a place on your…

Learning Chinese Online 在线学汉语

A Brief Overview of Yoyo Chinese (2024)
Have you heard of Yoyo Chinese, a popular online platform for learning Mandarin? Established in 2012 by native Chinese speaker and expert teacher Yangyang Cheng, the Yoyo Chinese curriculum utilizes videos, flashcards and an extensive range of...
Learn Chinese on Zoom
It’s the twenty-first century and the era of online learning has arrived. Thanks to Zoom and similar video conferencing platforms, advancing your education from anywhere in the world is easier than ever. Among other subjects, foreign languages, particularly Chinese, are…
Top 8 Ways to Learn Chinese Online
Although ideal, it’s not always possible to learn Chinese in China. While complete Chinese immersion is the best way to go, it’s amazing how much Chinese you can learn online. The internet connects us! Here are CLI’s top 8 methods…
Top 5 YouTube Channels for Studying Mandarin
Anyone who has searched “learn Mandarin” on YouTube might agree that the sheer number of results is overwhelming. We have good news for you: it is possible to learn Chinese on YouTube! A handful of channels consistently deliver...
Top 10 WeChat Accounts To Follow
WeChat Official Accounts are worth your while. We’ve come up with a list of our favorite WeChat official accounts and provided a brief description of what you can expect from each. We've also added quick "how-to follow a WeChat Official…
What is Skritter?
Skritter is a fresh, inventive way to master Chinese characters. If you’re not a current user, take the following steps to get hooked up immediately—trust us, your Chinese skills will thank you. Because each platform offers its own study mode,…

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